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Development Concept for APO (agripolyol)  made in JAPAN

True beauty and health in your body ...

  To maintain beauty and health by promoting motor function and energy generation and
  reducing oxidative stress ...

     Natural ingredients derived from agricultural products in APO support your
    beauty and health !!

     One capsule has tens of thousands times power of a cup of hydrogen water !!

・Depending on the increase in age, the basal metabolism decreases, resulting in a decrease in energy
 production function and a decrease in defense function against oxidative stress.

・In addition, intense exercise such as sports brings strong oxidative stress, and significantly increases
  the production of active oxygen and toxins such as lipid peroxides and lipid-derived aldehydes.

・It is important to always normalize the body's functions by promoting basal metabolism and
  suppressing the production of toxins induced by oxidative stress with powerful antioxidant effects.

What is important for anti-aging and health maintenance ?

To improve the exercise metabolic function and maintaining energy production;

 Depending on aging, the decline in human metabolic function inevitably reduces motor function and energy production.

  The reduced motor function and energy production seem to induce various diseases.

  It is important to increase the body's endurance and moderately increase metabolic function.

  On the other hand, although exercise is generally considered to be good for the health,  the increase in oxidative stress due to hard exercise may induce negative effects in the body.

  In addition, the antioxidant function of the body is significantly reduced depending on aging.

  Therefore, it is important to supply the body's antioxidant functions while maintaining motor function and energy generation.

  It is most important to reduce oxidative stress efficiently while promoting
the body's motor function and energy generation !!

APO ingredients

  Octacosanol is a higher fatty alcohol found in grape and apple peels, alfalfa, wheat germ, sugarcane and rice bran.

  Octacosanol has been thought to support the maintenance of human motor function and energy generation.

  It is also known as an ingredient that maintains the endurance of migratory birds traveling tens of thousands kilometers.

  Quercetin is known as vitamin P. The quercetin is isolated and purified with high purity from the beans of the leguminous plant.


  Curcumin is formulated with high purity isolated and purified from Indian turmeric (turmeric).


  Quercetin and curcumin are highly absorbable and highly functional polyphenols that have been reported to have many useful physiological activities that are important for beauty and health.

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